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We’re passionate about HR recruitment, we eat, sleep and breath it….it’s that simple.

Helping a business grow or enhancing someone’s career through successful HR recruitment gives us a great sense of satisfaction and that’s what makes us an excellent recruitment’s as important to us as it is to you.

We recruit HR Business Partner/Manager to Director level roles across the full range of HR disciplines and work mainly on a retained basis. Our experience shows that this approach allows us to give the highest level of service at the lowest percentage placement fee we offer, not standard recruitment industry pricing, but it makes sense to us!

Each partnership starts with a face to face meeting to get the best understanding of your requirements so we can establish the most suitable approach for you.

We will advertise your vacancy, explore our network and use telephone screening and face to face competency based interviews to identify your strongest shortlist, not just in terms of skills and expertise but also the equally important cultural fit.

Throughout the whole process we remember that this is your journey and you're trusting us with your personal or employer brand, something we take very seriously. All applications receive a response and regular communication is guaranteed throughout the process to ensure everyone is left with a positive impression.

From initial meeting through screening, shortlisting, interviewing, offer management and continued engagement during notice period, we are with you every step of the way to ensure the most successful outcome.

Ultimately, we know that successful recruitment is all about people and that’s why we value our network so much. It's taken 15 years to build and many of our clients have worked with us all that time.

Whether you're looking to recruit or wanting your next career move, you can be sure that our aim is to offer trusted advice, quality service and built on a partnership that will last well into the future.

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